Live like Jesus every day and in every way.

Core Values

For a church, a ministry, or a movement to do this, it must follow and fulfill the mission that Jesus Christ had when He came to the earth.  With His mission, Jesus references 4 revolutionary areas that will serve as the core values of Impact Life Church.


Connection Conviction
  • Invite others to be apart of our journey.
  • Involve others in the test, trials, and triumphs of our lives
  • Communicate the path and passion God has for all people.
  • Collaborate with those facing challenges to bring about change.
Communion          Compassion
  • Learn God’s plan purpose through His word.
  • Live in a way that is pleasing to God
  • Serve others actively and sacrificially.
  • Share with others what God has given us.

Communion – Developing a relationship with God through

Jesus Christ

The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me. . . 

  • Gatherings
    • We value worship that exalts God.  We believe that when God is lifted up we have the privilege of experiencing His presence and have a greater opportunity to discern His Truth.
  • Life Groups
    • The vision of Impact Life Church is to launch communities of Christ-followers – these are missional communities of people who stretch and strive to live like Jesus every day and in every way.
    •   One aspect of life groups will be equipping believers and valuing biblical teaching.  We believe that the truth of scripture transforms lives and believe true discipleship doesn’t just come from a study but truly living life on life with other believers.

Compassion – Developing love where love is lacking

. . . to proclaim good news to the poor.

  • Life Groups
    • Serving: Life groups will create ways to help those in need in their own neighborhoods or neighborhoods around the city. 
    • Sharing:  Life group members will share God’s love and message with others while they are serving. 
  •  Life Network
    • Partnering with other churches, educational, medical, governmental, and financial entities within the community, the aim of our Impact Life Network will be to assist and support those in need with the necessary resources for living the life that God desires for them.  We believe that together, we can share the Good News of the Kingdom of God to a hurting world regardless of social status, ethnicity, or faith background.
  • Life Center
    •  Creating an  Impact Life Center to offer our community a variety of services like job preparation and placement, parental coaching and counseling, fitness opportunities, and uplifting afterschool activities. We eventually would love to create a charter school to help meet the everyday needs of children in the communities.

Connection – Doing life together through encouragement,

accountability, and action

  • Life Groups
    • By seeking, supporting, praying, eating, laughing, learning, and acting together, each week in our Impact Life Groups, we establish alignment with God and attachment with each other.
  • Gathering Services
    • Sunday services where all Life Groups gather to connect with God and each other.

Conviction–Doing what is required to make people right

with God

. . . to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

  • Gathering Services
    •  At Impact Life, we believe that the church is God’s chosen vessel for changing the world.  Armed with this belief, we stretch beyond Sunday morning service to join in with WHATEVER Jesus is doing WHEREVER He leads and WHENEVER the opportunity arises.
  • Individually and Collectively
    • We see a church that cares passionately for the oppressed, the abandoned, the helpless, and those in spiritual, relational, and physical need.  We believe it is the Church’s responsibility to lead this movement in both our community and throughout the world