About Us

Live like Jesus every day and in every way.

Impact Life Church Exists:

  • I – Invest in the staff and the students of area schools
  • M – Make meaningful male mentorships across generations, classes, and cultures
  • P – Provide partnerships to empower parents to raise children effectively
  • A – Assist in the safety and success of our neighborhood
  • C – Create employment associations, opportunities, and training
  • T – Team up with others to transform the city by all possible means


We endeavor to make a difference as we:

  • L – Launch Impact Life Groups empowered by Christ that . . .
  • I –  Illustrate the love of Jesus by . . .
  • F – Fulfilling the spiritual, physical, relational, and missional needs of people as an . . .
  • E – Expression of God’s passion and purpose for them